Rhyming Slang


Pearly Prayer

When i die and go to 'eaven, it will be much betta there,
Our good lord will meet me, and say, "come in, pull up a chair.
You spent your time and energy, collecting money for the poor,
To give to them all the little fings, they never 'ad before.
You covered your clothes wiv buttons, so that all could see,
That you are a very proud member, of the pearly society.
And now your tired and weary, and your body's past it's best,
I faut i'd bring you up wiv me, to 'ave a well earned rest.

"so when you get your breff back, i'll take you by the 'and,
And show you why my 'eaven, is called the promised land"
We'll go and wander raund the streets, i knew when i was young,
And listen to the jokes they told, and all the songs they sung.
I'll see all the 'appy people, what used to be araund,
And listen to the 'orse and carts, wot made that loverly saund.
The air would be full of the costermongers loud and cheerful calls
Wiv all the fings they 'ave for sale, all piled upon their stalls.

I'll meet all the other pearly's, wot went up there before,
Wiv their 'appy smiling faces, and buttons all galore.
I'll go and meet my parents, they departed long ago,
And see all my friends and relatives, i also used to know.
It will be just like the old times, to 'ave a good old chat,
I never faut the day would come, when i could do all that.
And then i'll look araund me, and realise it is true,
You get back what you give in life; so it's really up to you

Ron Jolley

Bencurtis Cockney Poem

Cor; now I' ve gawne and seen it all, I' ve seen the blooming lot
I never would 'ave fought it, the pleasure that we got,
If you 'ad told me long ago, they were coming 'ere in force,
I would never 'ad believed it; well do I mean them of course,
The Pearly Kings & Queens was 'ere, they came to do us proud,
They really entertained us; for they was an 'appy crowd.

They bought the songs that we all knew, the ones our muvvers taut,
They sang them all with gusto, and that' s not all they bought.
They bought a bit of cockney ' umour, the good old rhyming talk,
Wiv Knees up Muvver Brown of course and the good old Lambeth Walk.
They sang out loud all 'appy like, and made us all join in,
You would never 'ad fought that we was old, it was an awful din.

We 'ad our meal of pie and mash, and ate it all wiv relish,
Wiv good old Rosie dishing up, wiv mushy peas embellish.
Then back to have some fun again and join in wiv the singing,
That really was an 'appy time that Pearly group was bringing.
Then it's time to say goodbye, wiv a very 'eavy 'eart,
We almost cried as we waved them off, and saw them all depart.

They promised to return one day, to give another bash,
I think they enjoyed it as much as us, and 'elped us raise some cash,
The songs they sang all took us back, to the ' appy days of old,
To 'orse and carts and friendly folk and coppers good and bold.
The friendly corner shop was there, to greet us with a smile
And all of that returned tonight, just for a little while.

Ron Jolley
West Wickham
March 2009