Rhyming Slang


The origin of the word SLANG is made from Secret language.
Example: I am off for a ball & chalk down the Frog & Toad to the rub a dub dub for a pint of pig's with me old trouble to have a sing song round the old Joanna.

Slang Meaning   Slang Meaning
Adam and Eve believe Holy friar liar
Almond rocks socks Holy ghost toast
Apple fritter bitter (beer) House to let bet
Apple peeling feeling Jack the Ripper kipper
Apple tart heart Jack 'n' Jill till
Apples and pears stairs Jam jar car
Ball of Chalk walk Jam tart heart
Barnet Fair hair Jeremiah fire
Bees 'n' honey money Jimmy Riddle piddle (Just off for a Jimmy)
Boat race face Jim Skinner dinner
Bo-peep sleep Joanna piano
Bottle and glass arse Joe Blake steak
Bow & arrow barrow Kate Karney army
Brown bread dead Lemon squash wash
Bubble and squeak speak Linen draper paper
Burnt cinder winder (window) Loaf of bread head
Butcher' s hook look Mince pies eyes
Cain & Able table Mother Hubbard cupboard
Chalk Farm arm Mutt and Jeff deaf
Cherry-'ogg (Hogg) dog Peckham Rye tie
China plate mate (friend) Pig's ear beer
Coach 'n' badge cadge (get money off) Plates of meat feet
Cock 'n' hen ten or £10 Pork pie lie
Currant bun son/sun Rabbit 'n' pork talk (Bunny)
Daisy Roots boots Rocking horse sauce
Derby Kelly belly Rory O'More floor
Dicky Bird word Rosie Lee tea
Dicky Dirt shirt Rub a Dub Dub pub
Dig in the grave shave Salmon and trout gout
Ding Dong sing song Saucepan lid kid (child)
Dr. Crippen dripping Sexton Blake cake
Dog and bone phone Six to four whore
Duke of Kent rent Skin 'n' blister sister
Friar Tuck luck Sky rocket pocket
Frog and toad road Taters in the mould cold
George Raft daft (crazy) Tea leaf thief
Ginger beer queer Tit for tat hat
Gold watch scotch Tom and Dick sick
Ham and eggs legs Tommy Tucker supper
Hampstead Heath teeth Trouble and strife wife
Harry Lime time Two and Eight state
Heap of coke bloke Uncle Ned bed
Hen 'n' fox box Whistle and Flute suit