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These are the current Photos - Click on photograph. If you wish to print any of these current photos out, please ask permission first.
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photo album

Pat - Pearly king of Crystal palace

Carole - Pearly queen of Crystal palace

Arthur - Pearly king of Upminster

Christine - Pearly queen of Upton park

Doreen - Pearly queen of New cross & Old Kent road

George - Pearly king of Newham


Angela - Pearly queen of Newham



Nicola - Pearly queen of Welwyn garden city

Clive - Pearly king Woolwich

Charlotte - Pearly princess Woolwich


Peggy - Pearly queen of Highgate

Pearly prince of Highgate

Pearly princess of Highgate

June pearly consort of Crystal palace

June pearly consort of the LPKQS

Darren - Pearly prince of Finsbury

John - Pearly king of Finsbury

Gwen - Pearly queen of Greenwich

Beryl -Pearly princess of Crystal palace

Brian & Margaret


Harry - Pearly king of cheapside & Bow bells

Roy - Pearly king of Smithfield

Lil - Pearly queen of Smithfield



A proud society planting poppies

Thank you the tower of London


A proud moment for Harry


Memories of the fallen

The last poppy planted

John and Darren starting poppy week

The societies poppy stall that raised £4,244.00

Our chairman & vice chairman with Darren and Carole



The tower of London Robin giving the last post every night



Our Doreen with the total amount


Birds of a feather TV show


Darren with two of the birds of a feather


marie and Bob after Maries 5 royal palaces walk

Christine and Bob museum of London


June & Gwen (see photo for photographer)


Our Broadstairs pearlies


Broadstairs pearlies who have donated over £6,000.00 to charities in Thanet


Harry taking a break



Museum of London

The likely lads

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Our Dorren the organiser of the St Mary Le Bow harvest festival


The young one's having fun


Christine and Nicola at harvest festival



June and Gwen having a rabbit at harvest

Doreen at harvest festival

The spice girls at Faversham hop festival





Take that returns to Faversham hop festival




When you go down hopping in Maidstone


Don't ever tell me that I don't take you on holiday


That John's thinking of something funny!






















Islington green armed forces day


Islington green armed forces day


Islington green armed forces day with a ward councillor

Never forget them Islington green


Respect to the fallen

Marie Curie - Hampstead with Scott Maslem

Pat - toya Wilcox - Harry


Meeting the Princess Royal


Kings With Linda Bellingham


Carole & Roy

Carole & Roy Hudd


Us with Collen Nolan


Museum of London

Paul Jones & John

Hop Festival

Hop Festival


Out for a stroll with Arthur - Nannie - Grandad

I Luv my grandad

The Lads

The Lads

John & Donald Sindon

John & Donald Sinden

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet

New years day parade 2013

Doreen & Larry


London taxi drivers vintage cab are for hire For weddings film/TV & other special occasions. Please see our links page

John & Robert Hayes AKA Ted Striker from airplane films

Gwen & Charlotte at the 2012 harvest festival


Pat & Roy at new years day parade 2013

Taxi for Christine & lilly new years day parade 2013

Some of our members at St Pauls Covent garden


An Iconic image of London

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